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Welcome to notsofreespeech

Welcome to the blog of free speech, or attempted free speech.

This is my little home in cyberspace where I get to be master of my own little dominion and write what I like instead of listening to the tired old propaganda mainstream media outlets that we have as an excuse for ‘supposed’ objective reporting.

Here you will find blogs on anything I consider to be relative, both political and not, be it the sad excuse for a mayor that London currently has in Sadiq Khan, Theresa the appeaser May who is about as effective at negotiations as a chocolate fireguard or just regular old Jeremy Corbyn who is arguably more Marxist than Karl himself.

If you are a snowflake or easily offended then you have come to the wrong place, I will be discussing controversial matters with opinions that we may or may not agree on.

If you love fat ugly women with blue hair who are convinced that the reason they don’t find partners lies solely on the evil patriarchy rather than accepting it might be that they eat too much and look like unfortunate lab specimens, that is fine, it is your right to believe that, it’s a crock of crap, but I respect your right to believeĀ it nonetheless.

If however like myself, you are a true advocate of free speech and understand the concept that to protect it you must also defend the rights of others to say what they like, no matter how abhorrent or detestable and that anything other than direct incitement to violence is, and should always be permissible, then welcome to the struggle as we attempt to regain the now lost right that is freedom of speech in the UK.

Anyways, that’s enough from me for now, welcome to my blog and enjoy your stay.

Adam Eavy

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