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The murderous management of Sadiq Khan

Whatever your view on our current mayor of London Sadiq Khan it is without question that our once great capital has become a bloody and violent centre of carnage and mayhem.

Violent crimes including but not limited to stabbings and shootings have risen drastically, reaching a pinnacle of despair for the past couple of months with 22 fatal stabbings in March alone putting it above New York cities murder rate for that same month.

Of course, the likes of Sadiq Khan and the labour party will be quick to place the onus on the conservatives, blaming cutbacks to public services that have unarguably contributed to the current climate but one must question the legitimacy of such throwbacks when just last year the would be Ayatollah formed a unit designed to arrest people for saying ‘hurty’ words online.

The fact that the funding of such a unit could arguably be better placed on, well I don’t know, perhaps arresting child rapists and protecting our young children aside, the larger problem resides on the determination of many out there, Sadiq Khan included, to criminalize words in an effort to silence the will of a majority and prevent the criticism of not ‘any’ religion but the one special ‘religion of peace’, that of Islam.

His religion and ideologies aside, Sadiq Khan has just not performed up to the standards that I consider acceptable for someone in a position such as his. Thousands of child rapists and terrorists roam free whilst Mr. Khan posts on twitter about the mythological gender pay gap, virtue signaling to the masses that desire to play the part of a victim rather than acknowledging the very important but often overlooked. reasons for these ‘discrepancies’.

If only Sadiq could put as much care and thought into tackling the real issues of the city, the black on black gang crime and the child rapists who are predominantly Pakistani Muslims, then perhaps our once great city could be so again.

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