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Tommy Robinson – a politically charged injustice

Tommy Robinson, a hero to some or as the oh so ‘objective’ media would have you believe, the most hated man in the world. Very rarely does a figure spark so much tension and controversy. It is with a great passion and a deep sorrow that I find myself having to write a blog post such as this one.

The mainstream media always begin an introduction to Tommy with “Edl leader” or “Former EDL leader” and yes, it has to be said, both of these statements were at one point true. What the media likes to conveniently leave out of this half-truth, however, is that Tommy left the organization upon recognizing that racist mentality had crept into it.

Today he lies in prison serving a 13-month sentence for breach of a 3 month suspended sentence. Fans were outraged at the injustice crying things like “Tommy is a political prisoner” and “Welcome to 1984” making reference to the now infamous title by Geroge Orwell. The truth, however, is not so simple, Tommy did indeed break the rules of his suspended sentence by accosting defendants in an ongoing mass child rape case involving a group of primarily Pakistani Muslim men, this is not where my issue lies, however.

My problem lies in the fact that had this been ANY other person, particularly if they were of a certain ilk, do you think the law would have come down so harshly and hastily as they did with Tommy? Would, for example, they have arrested, sentenced and imprisoned Ali Dowah in less than a day for the same breach? I would suggest likely not.

Regardless of your opinions on Tommy’s situation, hate it or like it, the story is much larger in scope than just this one individual. It was a statement from the government that if you dare speak out against the groupthink of the left, if you dare try to raise concerns about the horror and oppression that the religion of Islam brings to a western civilization, if you dare to mention that tens of thousands of children are being systematically abused, raped and murdered by predominantly Pakistani Muslim men, you will face comeuppance not just from the ‘religion of peace’ but from your very own protective services and systems.

I stand with Tommy not because I classify him a hero, not because he puts himself in danger daily by exposing cold hard truths that the rest of the world would rather ignore and not even because I agree with everything he says, I very often don’t, I think he is at times a bit hot-headed and lets his passions get the better of him.

Nevertheless, I stand with Tommy, because he speaks out for the thousands of children who have not had justice, because he speaks the truth about the dangers of Islam and finally, and more importantly, because if you support even one man’s speech being suppressed, it won’t be long until your own is too and that, my fellow people, I can never support.

With your right to free speech, you can defend all your others but, if you lose that one freedom ALL the others will soon follow.

At well over half a million votes (at the time of writing) a petition to free Tommy has reached a number like no other in such a short time. Clearly, I am not the only one who believes a man should have the right to freedom of speech, including but not limited to, the right to face those accused of disgusting, horrific sexual and physical abuse of our young children.

If you feel the same and wish to support Tommy you can find the petition at

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One thought on “Tommy Robinson – a politically charged injustice

  1. Clearly expressed and pretty much precisely articulates just what is at stake here – the real victim is free speech and if it can happen to Tommy Robinson it can happen to any of us.

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