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With the craziness going on and the lack of reason across not just the country but the world in general, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a place where you can air controversial opinions without prejudice and/or censorship.

With a great collection of articles, a forum and live chat for truly free speech it is with great pleasure that I announce the site whose very name speaks volumes in a world gone mad. GoR is a place being actively developed with regular article updates covering a vast array of topics related to protecting reason and regaining free speech.

The ‘control-left’ as VincentP (the admin and developer of Guardians of Reason) likes to call them will surely be spitting fireballs at the idea of people having rational, honest conversation where facts do count for something. Be sure to check it out and let us unite under the same banner and return the rights to the people.

If you are interested in joining a community of like-minded individuals (in so much as they are willing to have genuine conversation and debate) who seek to discuss matters of fact rather than virtue signalling to the masses, like the idea of free and open discussion without fear of reprimand then come pop along to the site and get involved.

Exciting articles such as ‘Free Speech Matters’ and ‘Madeline McCann: A child neglected?’ are available for viewing and discussion in both live chat and forums lovingly crafted with a passion for the truth that seeks to bring to light the stories that the mainstream media would rather we didn’t see and the ‘ctrl-left’ would like to make criminal.

While your there, you can also check out the growing list of terrorists that might very well be living near you in the ‘The Terrorist Next Door’ column that seeks to expose known Jihadists being protected by ignorance and free money offered to them by the state in the form of benefits and privileges.

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