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The fascism of the so called anti-Fascists – Antifa

It is with an almost dry humour that my research into the so-called anti-fascist group known as Antifa makes me simultaneously laugh and desire to expose the masked thugs who are, without a doubt, funded and endorsed by the extreme left in an attempt to silence any who dare speak out and criticise that which poses a genuine threat.

Appearing across the globe like a swarm of locusts they use the guise of fighting alleged fascism with, you guessed it, fascism. I mean sure it can be argued that sometimes you must fight fire with fire but did nobody teach these imbeciles that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right? Particularly when their form of justice involves targets of the innocent kind or simply quelling peoples right to genuine freedom of speech.

‘But hate speech is not free speech’ I can hear some of you crying and while the complexity of this statement is outside the scope of this article I will abridge my position by saying that actually, it very well might be.

The actions of Antifa would at times be comical to watch if it wasn’t for the fact that more often than not people who are simply expressing their views and democratic right to protest become bombarded by the violent thugs of the left who it seems are not too far behind Islam on the totem pole of diversity and acceptance. I mean honestly, when you see a bunch of masked hooligans donning a sign saying “No pedo bashing”, deep inside you can’t help but laugh at the absolute sickness of even considering such a notion normal.

Now let me make something very clear, a thing that should not even need to be made clear, I do not condone violence of any kind excepting of course, in self-defence and when one fears for their own safety but, let us not pretend that Antifa are engaging in it for either of these reasons as we all know they are not. It is used by them as a fearmongering, silencing manoeuvre with but one purpose in mind, to shut down free thought of any kind that they deem unfit.

The real danger of Antifa becomes apparent in the eyes of the law where more often than not their crimes go unpunished, arguably the fact they are typically masked aids in this outcome which is why I believe that the moment they lay their hands on a person, that persons first reaction should not be of violence but simply of removing the mask so that the world can see the coward underneath.

Antifa succeeds only through its anonymity, they are easily defeated by exposure. As Sargon of Arkad & Milo Yiannopoulos like to say ‘Sun is the best disinfectant’ and in this case particularly it is paramount that they be unmasked. Sometimes it is better to use water to fight fire especially when just a few drops will expose it for the hot air it is.

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One thought on “The fascism of the so called anti-Fascists – Antifa

  1. Good blog – the irony is that this group of scumbags hide behind masks whilst making ‘doxing’ others a core principle of their ‘fight’ against what is right and true (they call it fascism).
    Yes, a very good plan and response would be to do precisely that – unmask and ‘dox’ them, that way their mum will probably grab them by the ear and send them to bed without their tea. The older one’s will come to the attention of their carers and can then be dealt with within the mental health system.

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