Free Tommy

Thousands turn out for Free Tommy event in London.

The protest to free Tommy took part mainly outside of Downing Street where things remained civil however one can’t help but notice that certain media outlets have quickly branded the protest as a far right, violent one.

Apparently, there was an incident involving some hostility towards police officers which of course is reprehensible, however, the majority of the rally was peaceful and I think it is important that people realise that this protest was not just attended by the right or ‘far-right’ but many who would consider themselves left, center or somewhere in-between.

It never ceases to amaze me how some groups and organisations are so desperate to stranglehold free speech that they will simply tar any protest as far-right in an attempt to delude their viewers/fans into believing that only those of the far-right would dare attend and speak out against such things as a politically incorrect detention of a man exercising his right to freedom of speech and expression. It is a quick and easy smear tactic used by much of the mainstream and left-wing media that unfortunately still has real impacts.

Regular people like you and I turned out not because were far-right, but simply because it is just right. If you don’t speak out against a political arrest of a single man you will soon be incarcerated as hastily and unethically as Tommy himself was. The thousands that turned out know this and it is why they attended, not because they are ‘far-right’.

This will, however, be a continuing problem, the left will continue to paint the fight for free speech as far-right in a desperate attempt to regain control of those very words, free speech has become a staple cause of concern, and the left knows it. But regardless of political standing, the fight for that freedom is global as is the protest against Tommy’s political incarceration.

Support has risen across the world be it for Tommy himself or for the rights that he has been denied. Protests have happened in America, Australia and Germany to name but a few as people come to realise that free speech in the UK was lost some time ago and that the time is now to demand it back.

The signature count of the protest for Tommy rests currently at well over 600,000 and is rising daily. If you want to aid in regaining true freedom of speech in the UK then please start by signing the petition below:

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