Tommy Robinson

Stand Up Now before it is too late! Tommy in real danger.

Stand up now, it is important: Just a few days ago I posted about the politically motivated arrest and detention of Tommy Robinson and how it was an attack on not just Tommy’s but all of our freedoms of speech.

Now just days later news is appearing which was quickly confirmed by Tommy’s friend and cameraman Caolan Robertson that without warning or reason, Tommy was moved from a relatively safe prison to one with a high, majority Muslim population with some estimates sitting at figures peaking at 72%. With Tommy’s background and outspoken criticism of the so-called ‘religion of peace’ that is Islam this poses a serious threat to his life and well being and the real question on the table is, is this stealth execution of a figure that speaks truths?

Regardless of your views on Mr Robinson, given his journalism choices of the past few years where he has sought to expose the ongoing, majority Pakistani Muslim rape squads of young British children, the system, government and all those involved in his movement are fully aware of the risk to his life in moving him to a majority Muslim prison. When you know this information and the duty of care rests on your actions are you not accountable should anything untoward become of Tommy? I would argue yes, you are knowingly inflicting potential execution upon a man in this situation.

Now more than ever it is imperative that the protests continue, in fact not just continue but grow larger and occur more frequently in order to ensure the safety of Mr Robinson. Eyes must remain focused on him so that we the people can hold accountable all those who might see harm come to him. If anything happens to Tommy as a result of this movement the people must unite.

Uniting and protesting is necessary more than ever, no matter your political beliefs, no matter your views, willingly watching a man be put in a situation that is known to be potentially life-threatening and saying nothing, even if you can only speak out online, could very well result in the death of man for the horrendous crime of breaching a suspended sentence and speaking truths about a hostile, child raping ideology.

Any little thing, even posting on twitter or facebook, just speaking out in one way or another can help to get the duty of care that every man and woman deserves given back to Tommy. So stand up, be counted now and if you haven’t done so already sign the petition to free Tommy.

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