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Fat & Ugly – the truth about feminism

Modern-day feminism apparently has not learned from the fiasco of #gamergate which resulted in people telling the seekers of inequality to go elsewhere and stay the hell out of their entertainment media.
The hobby of gaming continues to be assaulted by feminists claiming that inequality is the result of fewer female representatives in the industry as opposed to the actual facts that support the common knowledge idea that men are just more likely to play games particularly at a competitive level where the majority of women prefer not to.
But rather than accept that like, for example, childcare is predominantly and disproportionately female simply because that is what they prefer to do, the feminazis of today seek not just to enforce their iron will and demands upon a population of gamers but to actually exclude men in the process. Apparently, modern day feminists aren’t anything like the women’s suffrage movement counterparts who sought, rightly, to gain the vote for women and balance out the scales of representation across the genders but rather, they seek inequality in their favour without a possibility for compromise.

Do you see men complaining about the vast majority of women controlling the veterinary medicine or the child-care scenes (just two quick examples, there are of course many more) or perhaps the areas in gymnastics that are heavily over-represented by females? No, why is that? because men know that some areas are not for them and are fine with that and unlike the fat ugly woman who likely hates the world but most definitely loathes men, we choose to get on with it and accept that each of us individually has different strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of criticising masculinity and demoralising all those women that would prefer to play to their strengths I might recommend that the male haters of the world, the feminazis that are forever demanding more and more inequality in their favour and expecting men to just roll over and give it up go and do a little soul searching and perhaps stop dying your hair bright, childlike colours whilst expecting to be taken seriously. Oh also, you might wanna put down that KFC bucket and get on the jogging machine now and again.

Feminism today is ugly and that is the truth, it is not just demeaning to men but also causing many a woman to lose their jobs in the farce that is meant to be about equal rights. If you want to game, then go game, nobody is stopping you, they haven’t been able to since the 1918 representation of the people act in the UK and the only obstacles in your way are the social constructs you like to define as discrimination.

Feminism was a prominent, recognisable word with a genuine meaning before the 3rd wavers came along, stole it and screwed it up into a man and good looking woman hate machine fueled by a desperate desire to be given things as opposed to putting your all in and earning them. Meritocracy is not a virtue to these women, it is a barrier to be trampled by the self-serving entitled collective of angry women and questionably alpha males.

Equal rights of opportunity for all, but equal rights of outcome is just not practical or visible.

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