The real deadly Islamic jihad

In a world where Islamic Muslim terrorists routinely attack nations including children and other innocent bystanders, it might seem that the most deadly form of jihad rests in the hands of the individuals carrying out these atrocities. With attacks at a local level in the UK targetting London and Manchester during 2017 in which many deaths were accumulated by the ‘religion of peace’ including 8-year-old Saffie Roussos who tragically lost her life after an attack at the Manchester Arena, there is however, another far less violent form of jihad that continues to grow.


Saffie Roussos

Saffie Roussos – the 8-year old that tragically lost her life at a concert in Manchester Arena during an Islamic Muslim terrorist attack.

Cultural jihad is the non-violent, sheer numbers counterpart to the distraction of Islamic terrorism that sees Muslim birth rates quadruple the rest of the British population resulting in, at the most conservative, the demographic replacement of native Brits by 2035 however, you only have to look at areas across the UK such as in parts of London where the number one new baby name has been Muhammed for the past 2 years, Luton and Birmingham to name just a few that are now seeing massive demographic changes as the native white Brits slowly but surely become the minority.

Anybody that is able to follow simple patterns needs only look at the growth of Islam across not just the UK but the world, to see that while it is small in number it remains peaceful and tolerant but that as its numbers grow through massive birthrates, typically paid for by the taxpayers of the country in a lot of cases and the consistent slaughter of native peoples by the Muslim terrorists, the demands on the nation increase as do the intolerance levels, typically through false claims of ‘Islamophobia’ or just outright violence by the Islamic community that commonly goes unpunished by a cowed police force.

In the UK, a country governed by some of the weakest people this world has probably seen that bends over backwards and takes it up the behind as soon as a Muslim cries ‘Islamophobia’ and yet fails to aid any ex Muslims trying to leave the ‘religion of peace’ who face daily attempts on their lives because, you know, tolerance and all that, the cultural jihad is full steam ahead with many parts of the UK facing the native white Brit with replacement and making them the minority. I wonder, now that white Brits might soon become an actual minority, will they too reap the rewards of such a classification or is that, like Christianity, not Islamic enough to be considered such?

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