Dear America…

I believed initially under the US constituion that your great country was proteceted by the 1st amendment rights and that because of this strong foundation of freedom, as hard as the radicals might try, sensibility and rationality would reign supreme in a large mixture of thought and idea diversity (I know this can an ugly […]

The problem with ‘Borderless’.

It has been a little time since the release of Lauren Southern’s Borderless allowing for some reflection upon a documentary with high anticipation for covering areas of world politics that many dare not speak about. The first thing that comes to mind is the overrepresentation of the migrants within it, for a person clearly trying […]

The Angry Brexiteers

It has been a considerable amount of time since a post has been submitted, mostly due to the fact that I was at a point of not desiring to become just another regurgitator of what seems like an almost endless stream of political commentators and partly due to a sense of apathy with regards to […]

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