The Angry Brexiteers

It has been a considerable amount of time since a post has been submitted, mostly due to the fact that I was at a point of not desiring to become just another regurgitator of what seems like an almost endless stream of political commentators and partly due to a sense of apathy with regards to the horrors that continue to strike the world whilst the so-called ‘Mainstream Media’ selectively ignore anything that doesn’t further their own political ideology.

Be that as it may, the other May, the one that is not a nice time of the year when the sun is peaking but rather a detestable, rancid, weak excuse for a leftist sympathiser as ever I have seen, continues to do what was inevitable from the start off, diluting Brexit to a point of being worse than remaining whilst trying to appear like she gives two shits about the people she claims to represent.

What with the bonkers labour party that has idiots at the helm including David Lammy, Dianne Abbot and of course king plonker himself Mr Jeremy (Jazza) Corbyn driving the race-baiting hatred of white people to a level only seen previously by self-loathing, rich white kids with far too much time on their hands, not to mention the ridiculous Sadiq Khan that worries more about strawberries and ice cream making over indulgent kids fat (apparently) than the endemic stab-a-thons reducing the capital city of our great nation to a slithering, slimy, toxic and quite frankly dangerous shadow of its former self.

On one side of the fence lies the labour party, on the other the tory party, neither of which gives a toss about you and I but heres the thing, and I know I’m not the first to say it and I likely won’t be the last, but it needs to be said, this is NOT a two horse race, that is programming that has occurred over the years for a variety of reasons, be it family voting or fueling the NHS with the much needed support it needs more than ever now, the greatest trick these two parties played was convincing us all that they are the only viable option, “you gotta vote for labour else the tories will get in” OR “you gotta vote for Tories else mad Jazza will get in”.

The fact of the matter is there are many other options on the table now and if, just for a second, you can allow yourself the chance to look them up without any preconceived bias’, as typically presented to us all through the corrupt establishment media that wants us to continue believing the fallacy that only labour and conservatives are REAL parties with real value, then while you likely won’t find a party that supports your every qualm you might just find a party that speaks to some of them and that, above all this, will let the two monkeys (Labour/Tory) know that you don’t buy their bullcrap any longer.

The 17.4 million Brexiteers that voted to leave the EU in 2016 have been betrayed by both of these parties, actually it could be argued that every single voter period has been betrayed because the moment a democratic vote is ignored by the mindset of the rich few who think they know what’s best for you and I, even despite not being able to make this decision themselves and therefore handing it to us the people to resolve.

The moment the losers of the vote start getting more attention than the winners (I’m looking at you mainstream media and all the other remaniacs out there) and the moment the whims of the losers are considered above that of the winners, the spirit of honest democracy is lost and this is where we find ourselves today.

Angry Brexiteers I hear some say. You damn right were angry, all 17.4 million plus of us. We’re angry that we are still waiting, 3 years after we voted to leave the EU for that result to be implemented, were angry that our government has played delay tactic upon delay tactic to thwart Brexit and more than that, were angry that it is not those political elites that have to live with the crap decisions that they make on a street level.

It is not them who have to watch their cultures change as uncontrolled mass immigration continues to present a myriad of crime across our nation, it is not those who have to watch as areas across our cities become no go zones because a religious ideology gets preferential treatment over any other and it is not those who have to sit by and suck it up as democracy is ignored by a system that is meant to represent them, no, it us the people who continue to suffer that.

Angry? You betcha, and so should you be. Your government doesn’t represent you, it dictates and tells you what to think, do, say and feel, and that should scare everybody.

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