Tories see worst defeat since 1995 in UK local elections.

It probably comes as no surprise to most that the Conservative party lost over 1200 seats suffering the worst electoral defeat in the UK since 1995 when John Major was utterly destroyed by Tony Blair.

With the voter turnout being incredibly low along with an extremely large amount of spoiled papers, the fury of the nation and its people can be felt across the board. We the people want Brexit, not your ridiculous, in name only betrayal arrangement, the full on, leave the EU, leave the customs union option that the 17.4 million Brexiteers voted for in 2016.

While not suffering the battering that the Tories did, the votes for Labour also send a telling message with over 100 seats lost including Hartlepool which was won and taken by the new upcoming For Britain Movement. Congratulations to them on their first seats.

With the upcoming Member of European Parliament (MEP) elections towards the end of the month, it is a truly exciting time in which we all as the ‘simpleton people’ can send a real message to the political establishment. That message is simple, the elites have ignored our decision in 2016 for too long and we will vote you out if you continue to do so.

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