European Union makes claims of support over increased voter turnout.

Yes, you read that right people, rather than recognising that the increase in voter turnout to the European elections was likely a mere protest vote from those of us in the UK still waiting to leave the dictatorship bloc, the toffee-nosed posh bods at the EU actually believe it to be a show of support for their regime. Haha, one has to laugh.

They continue almost daily to demonstrate just how disconnected they are from the people they claim to represent, only in the eyes of these people could such nonsense be espoused.

When I first read the headline I quite literally burst out in laughter with the thought “That’s exactly what junk head would say” (Jean-Claude Juncker) because his ego seems to reach on for eternity, the problem is he doesn’t kick arse like Jean-Claude Van Damme although I do suspect he considers himself a universal soldier of sorts.

Only time will tell but I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr junkhead will be finding out that the so-called support the EU has apparently gained is actually just many of us sticking it to him by making sure there are enough candidates to still give him a headache at the main offices.

I will give Junkhead due credit though, he made my day start with a laugh, something typically incredibly difficult for these types of people to do.

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