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The problem with ‘Borderless’.

It has been a little time since the release of Lauren Southern’s Borderless allowing for some reflection upon a documentary with high anticipation for covering areas of world politics that many dare not speak about.

The first thing that comes to mind is the overrepresentation of the migrants within it, for a person clearly trying to sit in the middle of the topic of uncontrolled mass immigration, Lauren seems to have focussed much of her time on the so-called refugees as opposed to the countries and people that are burdened with them.

The second and perhaps more significant observation noted is that, given that Lauren has decided to call it quits and move onto other aspirations, one might find her grey area comments almost disingenuous, it sounded like somebody who wanted to go out appeasing both sides of the political spectrum, which in and of itself is fine, but given that Lauren sprang to fame as a right-wing activist it just felt forced.

Now sure people are going to say “Well her views have changed” or “she is just being objective” and to some extent, this is, of course, true but where were all the interviews with the native population of the countries receiving the immigrants? Where were the countless horror stories you can find of natives being beaten or even raped by these very migrants?

Of course, not all migrants are abusive rapists, that should go without saying but when significant numbers of an entirely different and often opposing cultures are forced into western civilisation at a rate like never seen previously, you have to wonder why even Lauren Southern dare not present this issue with any validity?

Now to be fair to Miss Southern, the documentary was by no means bad, in fact, the production quality of it was pretty damn good by all accounts, Caolan’s video production quality has made massive strides since his days out with a mobile phone and the vast areas covered were a clear demonstration of a view from the other side.

There are important presentations of known NGO’s arming the immigrants with false narratives to ensure they gain access to the countries they are illegally entering but upon further investigation, you will find that many of these organisations are headed by predominantly non-native communities.

There are also a vast array of these groups, far too many for any single documentary to cover in any detail but it perhaps would have bolstered the films grasp with the viewer to have noted this but, credit where credit is due, Lauren does cover the abhorrent nature of these legal human traffickers.

In an attempt to remain non-partisan the documentary only managed to successfully present one side of the argument, sure there were brief mentions of effects in Ireland, although this tended to essentially just blame Capitalism and the pursuit of money for uncontrolled mass immigration, a sentiment that misses so many marks it would require another post to go into them.

A good documentary worth a watch, just don’t go into it expecting anything new or exciting. Best of luck to Lauren Southern in her new endeavours, you will be sorely missed as a youtube personality.

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