Tommy Robinson found Guilty of crime committed daily by journalists.

Clown World 2019 continues as Tommy Robinson found guilty of a ‘crime’ committed daily by journalists.

It came as a surprise to many that the UK state decided in a politically lead charge to censor free speech and any non-politically correct journalism when they once again forced a phoney charge of contempt of court on Tommy Robinson.

Robinson, a reporter known for speaking out and exposing the hideous crimes of majority Muslim rape gangs whose victims include potentially tens of thousands of children across the UK was found guilty of causing ‘potential’ undue stress to the dirty scumbag rapists.

Of course, the stupid left once again celebrates the conviction of a man of which they hate while completely missing the point that this is a continued attack on, not just Mr Robinsons free speech and journalism. but their own.

These dimwits are so fueled by hatred that their desire to see Mr Robinson not just censored but stripped of basic human rights and committed in a politically charged endeavour to silence dissidence, reaches fever pitch levels as it seems the left continues to fail to recognise that their calls for censorship and political imprisonment will also be coming for them.

If making a bunch of filthy child abusers and rapists feel uncomfortable for being asked how they feel about their charge is a crime then the Islamic Enforcement Agency or rather the so-called police had better start rounding many people up across the world.

Do we live in a society that gives one damn about the feeling of child abusers? The children are the only ones whose feelings need consideration, not their scumbag Pakistani Muslim rapists.

Sadly this will not be the end of it, it is very likely that the state will push to give Mr Robinson the extreme, never seen before maximum penalty for being a journalist that speaks truth to power.

Mr Robinson, it could be argued, is actually standing up for the rights of all journalists across the country, shamefully the mainstream government propaganda machines aka the mainstream media fails to recognise it and truth be told, even if they did, they would likely never admit it.

The double standards of the British justice system really need to be brought into question as well, justice it seems is a benefit afforded only to those with the most and it could be said that the deliberate delays and retrials of Mr Robinson’s case have been done so pointedly with the intention of attacking his income.

The ever-increasing costs of the case were meant to make it unaffordable for Tommy to defend himself but quite laughably the state once again was ill-informed about the vast amount of support he has and grossly underestimated his ability to do so.

Finally, the state has him where they want him, with a noose around the necks of free speech and journalism, regrettably, that metaphorical rope is not just around Mr Robinson’s neck though.

It is around every single one of ours, regardless of your political views, beliefs, whether you were a man yesterday and decided to be a woman today, whether your straight or not, your identity does not matter in the grand scheme of political censorship and imprisonment.

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