Dear America…

I believed initially under the US constituion that your great country was proteceted by the 1st amendment rights and that because of this strong foundation of freedom, as hard as the radicals might try, sensibility and rationality would reign supreme in a large mixture of thought and idea diversity (I know this can an ugly word right now, hopefully I’m using it in a more natural manner than it is typically today).

With the extremeties of politics on both sides of the matephorical fence being ushered into the center of what might be considered ‘normal’ behaviour, it leaves a feeling of uncertainty for the rest of the normies sitting in the middle.

In my homeland of England in the United Kingdom forced speach censorship is now enshrined in law under the guise of ‘hate speech’ regulation which literally sets out to stop people from offending the easily offended, such examples include people being arrested for making crappy jokes in the case of Count Dankula and a mother who was arrested for calling a transgender woman a man (Mother arrested for wrong pronouns).

At first it seemed like the great USA was managing to fend off this nonsense, laughing majestically at the stupid squawks of some leftwing radicals but as time has progressed, a consorted group of powers known more commonly today as the squad has aligned, either intently or not, rsulting in a shift of opinion. Overton’s window looks to have favoured the radical left in it’s latest move and this should worry all American citizens.

I watch almost daily as the atrocities of the extreme right are correctly called out by everybody regardless of political leanings (for the most part at least) but I do not see an equal intensity of outcry when the domestic terror organisation Antifa beats a conservative journalist almost to death such as in the case of Andy Ngo for example.

Regardless of your political leanings or beliefs I urge all Americans to look out for the great country they have and not offer power to congresswomen who have publicly exampled their hatred of the country. 

Then again, what do I know, I’m just a silly englishman sitting on the other side of the pond where freedom of speech has become a distant memory to those that value it, distant for sure but never forgotten. Don’t make the same mistakes we have over here, be proud of your country, fight for your rights and most of all don’t let ignorance become a self fulfilling prophecy that ends your freedoms.

Vote for good policies and not for false promises.


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