Hard left are crazy but not everything they say is untrue

The lard left are crazy but not everything they say is untrue

The political climate of 2019 tends to lead to an us vs them mentality particualtly with regards to the extremeties on both sides of the political spectrum.

Be it Antifa vs Proud boys, Remainers vs Brexiteers or simply left vs right the tribal mentality of collectives has lead to an abundance of events ranging from strange and funny to dangerous and radical.

The echo chambers created within such tribes leads to a strange form of child like mentality where, each side believing it is right and just. denounces any and all criticisms of its own whilst shrugging off the calls of adversaries as ‘fake news’ or propaganda.

With the miopic view of both sides, typically bolstered by the fact that the subject matter is highly contestable with little room for compromise it becomes easy for people to forget that not everything is black & white and that there are many areas inbetween.

 This has become more prevelent in recent times with some on the left noting that the distrust and segregation between people has opened pathways for the ‘far-right’ and in a typical echo chamber response I was quick to dismiss it as hard-left propaganda nonsense.

On reflection however I have come to realise that this was a mistake on my own part. 

Now let me be clear, I am and will always be a free speech advocate but in recent times I have noticed people like Mark Collett being offerred platforms, appearing as a regular member of the right but just a little research into his background wull quickly reveal that he and many others are staunch anti-semites.

The dispatchers episode from a few years ago available to view on Youtube will give just a small insight into his beliefs, I will leave the rest upto you.

Now as I said previously I am not caling for deplatforming of anybody, in my humble opinion I believe everyone should be allowed to say almost anything, barring of course screaming fire in a crowded cinema, this does however reinforce the lefts idea that far right figures are gaining traction on the back of regular folk and beliefs.

I do think it is important to take note of such claims before hastidly brushing them off, while the hard left are most certainly nuts it does not mean that they do not speak truth.

Perhaps we as people need to take the time to check upon the backgrounds of others and even though we may loathe the sentiment, at least entertain the idea that they might be speaking the truth before dismissing it as rubbush.

I encourage everyone to do this, do not take my word for anything I have said here, fact check it, reference it and come to your own conclusion, perhaps you will pick up on something I may have missed and if so, I implore you to correct me.

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