The curious case of the Muslims VS the LGBT alphabet community.

Sometime back now, a case that had many a lefty scratching their heads presented itself, I call it the curious case of  the Muslims VS the alphabet community (LBGTQ).

It was, and still is curious because it had the two staple contenders for most protected class under not just UK law but also British society in general, trade blows with one another as the cultural differences created a predictable dilemma.

Muslim parents of Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham began protesting outside of the facility when they discovered that their children, some as young as 5 years old, were being taught LGBT lessons that included areas such as homesexuality and gender dysphoria, without their consent.

It was only a matter of time before such a situation arose to confront the left’s rodiculous utopian ideals and then, it seemed, they were being forced to make a decision about who was more worthy of their protection, the Muslims or the alphabet community.

As predicted by many, the lefts solution would be to pretend it didn’t happen or attempt to find a common ground between the two groups, the irony of which has to be laughed at but, where some might have believed that the aid would be given to the number 1 protected class, the Muslims, in a shock turn of events, a court recently banned the Muslim parents from protesting ouside of the school.

Now regardless of your position regarding this matter it is important to note that I perrsonally, in this case, sided with the Muslims, because in my opinion, it is the absolute right of any parent to be (1) informed of any subject matter concerning lifestyle choices, including sexuality and religion and (2) to decide if that is appropriate for my child to be taught in school.

if the parent decides that it is not fit for their child, the right to protest whereever one likes, within the public domain, against a forced derogative ‘education’ that wages war against theirs or their families personal beliefs and values, should be any parents right.

The problem for the left however is that this does not resolve the problem, do you think for one second that the Muslim parents are suddenly going to stop believing that forced, inappropriate education is wrong and that their right to protest it outside the school is too? I know if I were them, it wouldn’t stop me for a second. This is one rare case where I wave the “Yay Muslim” flag and wish them success in their protests.

Now just in case there are any of you Commisar Jazza Corbyn types out there reading this, try to refrain from exploding, because I’m all for alphabet rights up until the time it prevents my rights, that is, in this case, the right to protest and speak freely about your dislike of sexual education that at primary school, simply isn’t applicable or neccessary.

Did I get it wrong? Are the true number one protected class the alphabet group? If these recent events are anything to go by, it sure would seem so, but I wouldn’t count your chickens just yet, one things for sure, this battle has only just begun.

Current Score: Alphabet community: 1 – Muslims 0

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