The China virus imprisons the world.

As the death toll rises acros the globe, more and more people try to come to grips with the reality that their homes have now become their prisons. Celebrities break down as their privilegige is reduced to the meaning that is exactly what it means for the rest of us…nothing and China continues to pretend that everything is okay in its totalitrian dictatorship of calamity point zero.

Being held in virtual prison, albeit with the creature comforts our homes typically have might not seem like such a big ordeal but, having lived in a time of freedom and never being forced to do anything against my own innate desires leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

As someone who spends much of their time at home anyway, it is probably considerably easier for people like myself to manage with the current situation, and it is hard to argue with that but, and itsĀ  a big but, I choose to do that, like it or not I am not choosing to be restrained to the confines of my home now.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand it is neccessary of course, trying to stem the wave of China virus, of which little is being told about under the guise of nothing being known and locking down the entire world is a sure fire way of preventing further spread of the unknown.

I can’t however pretend like so many that something about this doesn’t stink, governments across the globe probably, but most certainly here at home in the UK are not telling us information with regards to China’s greatest mistake?

Why, when the Chinese government knew about this back in Decomber of 2019, wasn’t the rest of the world properly informed? Why when, at least thus far, the death toll is considerably lower than many much more fatal virus’, is the media hype and governmental enforcement so heavy handed?

The mainstream media such as the BBC (or as I currently name them, The Corona Virus Network (TCVN) for their insesant rampant scaremongering with an almost 24/7 news cycle dedicated to the virus, also has much to answer for.

Why in a world of mad fools do thee networks feel the need to run a constant cycle of only the tragedic points of the virus, namely death tolls?

Well we all know the answer to that one, they are liekly getting significantly more viewership than they have for the past few years because unsuspecting normal people are watching in hope of some good news, not knowing that the ‘great aunty beeb’ is full of political activists with an agenda to boost their views.

In my humble opinion the BBC and other mainstream outlets are responsible for for the cases of mass hysteria we see going on across the globe, I mean honetly people, stop mass panic buying and makinig it extremely difficult for the old and vulnerable to get shopping.

Worse than those people are the ones who have taken capatalism to the next level, by bulk purchasing toilet paper to resell at a premium.There is a time for profit and that time certainly isn’t now, those morons need to get back in their not so special little boxes, they are repugnant specimins of humanity.

The China virus certainly is demonstrating the depths humanity will sink to for a quick buck at a time when we really need to be aiding each other, but its not all dooom and gloom thankfully, far from it.

There exist across the globe a great many more people who actually care for people other than themselves who are doing their bit to help the needy. It is just a shame that people who don’t have the virus still have to walk around as if they do.

You can see it as people pass each otehr in the street, no one dare get too close in case they have the virus, your very best friend could very well be your invisible enemy, then again, I could get struck by lightning tomorrow, who knows?

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