Dear Government, if you think people are going to stay contained for 6 months +, you have a serious reckoning incoming.

While people continue to survive the outbreak of COVID-19, the gift from China that nobody wanted, fear-mongering from the mainstream media continues and government specialists say we could be expected to isolate for months.

There is just one slight problem with this expectation, however, that Humans are not meant to be caged like animals and at what point does the isolation mean we are no longer living but simply existing?

The government officials continue to avoid important questions, whilst virtue signalling about the frontline fighters, who have no ammo or guns and are accredited heroship, but are they really doing anything more than what they would normally do within the expectations of their positional requirements?

We the plebiscites get to sit back, cornered and cowered by the everlasting interest of the media conglomerates to reclaim viewership whilst offering us nothing but despair in a time when just a little hope could go a long way to settle peoples minds.

Poor frontline workers, they say, but wait for a second, aren’t we ALL in this situation? Yes they say, but they are the heroes that keep putting themselves in danger, well here’s something for you, I’ll happily go outside, ride around on a train, do outdoor things, hell I’ll even try and help the vulnerable as best I can.

That, however, is not allowed, the police will be out in force with their helicopters chasing you for taking a walk in the countryside alone whilst simultaneously permitting cram-packed tube trains in London to continue.

THE NHS and essential workers will get their tests for the China virus while the plebs continue to be the good little herd that only comes out for their one hour a day mandatory fitness routine.

The government power continues to creep upwards to a point of danger as freedoms are curtailed under the guise of evidenceless prevention whilst the number of empty promises with the same old tired line “Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives” is called out daily like a mantra, as the rest of us go bat shit crazy living in a way that humans simply are not meant to.

After the realisation that China is single-handedly responsible for the world coming to a standstill, combined with the known totalitarian communist dictatorship that the country lives under, how on earth does this UK government think it is okay to outsource service structures such as 5G to them?

I still stand by my initial thought process, that something about the way the UK government has responded to this virus stinks, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it smells like old grandpa just shit his pants.


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