Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer

Could the China virus be the saving grace of a doomed political party?

It was of quite an interest to me over the past few days to see that despite the popularity of the current Conservative government with respect to the overreaction taken to the pandemic, that talk of Labour UK being able to win the next election seems to be gaining traction and running through some peoples minds.

The real question needs to be asked, however, are the people of the previous red-wall ready to hand the reigns back so quickly or is this just hopeful chitter-chatter?

It is a good question because it arguably all rests on the eventual outcome of the pandemic and you can see people popping up all over the place, pointing the finger at the government because they dare to not act as quickly as they would have liked.

The die-hard Labourites certainly do have a small glimmer of opportunity here although I believe they are seriously underestimating the power of a good leader, and like it or not, Boris has done just about as good as any PM could have done given the situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all happy with some of the decisions made with regards to the China virus, the lockdown wasn’t necessary, in fact, the removal of peoples freedoms should never be necessary, however, I do understand why the government panicked and was then unable to reverse the situation.

Social distancing would have been more than sufficient in my honest opinion, some scientists have argued that all that has been achieved by sealing ourselves in is making us more susceptible to a second wave.

Without exposure our bodies will not even try to combat the virus but, I am no specialist and my opinions are based solely on the knowledge I have from others much more experienced than I.

If the UK Labour party were to win the next election it would surely be through some misuse of terminology and the slandering of the current government, which given the current crisis, is a cheap and likely ineffective tactic.

Keir Starmer has about as much conviction as a chocolate fireguard and comes off as even less appealing than Jeremy Corbyn if that is even possible, but I won’t judge the party by its hilarious leaders, rather I will wait to see what policies they come up with.

I noted before this crisis that the Labour party would be lucky if they gained power in the next 10-15 years, I still believe this will be the case. Until the labour party that I once knew and loved, remembers its roots and removes the ridiculous grouping of hard-left activists including Momentum and others, I will continue to vote against them at every opportunity.

Since I have little faith that the party can ever return to this root state I, for now, see myself being a reluctant Tory voter. I was hoping for another party, the ForBritain movement seemed okay but I just get the impression the party is the Anne_Marie Waters party (not that I have anything against Anne-Marie) rather than being a party that seeks general political goals.

I mean this with the utmost respect Anne-Marie, but if you want that party to go further, faster, you need a more charismatic person as the head. Your policies are getting there, I believe that the party has a future, it just honestly needs a different face.

That was a slight digression but it hopefully goes some way to demonstrating how I (and I am sure many others across the country) are sitting ready for the right party to grab us up. I vote Tory but I am not a Tory, they were lent my vote as they were in 2016, and they will have to work extremely hard to keep that vote.

Labour had the opportunity to snatch me up, then they introduced hard-left leadership that I, as a milk-toast fence sitter just simply wasn’t sold on and sadly it seems they are going to continue that trend.

So here I am Conservatives, here I am, any potential new party that wants to run the middle line instead of veering off into the extremities of madness, come and get me.

It is quite funny that I see the modern-day Labour party as so far left that I find it far more content in the middle with Conservatives, who ironically over the past few years, seemed to have shifted just ever so slightly more to the left themselves, hence my reference to the centre and my feeling, just slightly, more at home with them than I ever have.

Well, I think that will do for this one if you have managed to read this far then thank you very much for doing so and please feel free to drop me a comment.

This is a free speech site so feel free to say whatever, I won’t get offended by it.

Take care and bye for now.

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