Far Left Thuggery against UK Police

The ‘Far Right’, the not so new boogeyman of the intellectually dishonest.

It is with very little surprise to anybody even remotely politically engaged that the events of the past two weeks have come to pass.

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement did what it set out to do and stirred up a massive racial divide across a country that had long moved on from such controversy.

The protest was aired by the fraud cast AKA scum media as largely peaceful with but a brief mention of the 60 officers, with no protective gear whatsoever, who had been hurt by bowing down to a mob.

It is no secret to anybody that I have real issues with the police in this country, but notice how their desperation to not be labelled racist literally lead to them being physically abused.

More important than that, let us not forget the tens of thousands of majority-white children who have suffered at the hands of this system that is meant to protect them due to policing leadership being too scared to arrest sick non-white men.

Yet somehow in all of this, the BLM group has managed to flip the attention back to themselves because apparently black lives matter more than any others, even those of children. Shouldn’t all lives matter?

The BLM group is not the real problem however, they are simply a symptom of the larger problem, weak politicians, weak leaders across the board who would rather score political correctness points than to actually take the time to investigate real issues.

Never in my life would I have expected Sir Winston Churchill’s statue to be defaced by an angry mob of spoilt, rich, mostly white, self-hating, race-baiters but here we sit in 2020, where all that matters to the leaders of the world is ‘looking good’ to the outrage mob.

Something more sinister than even this has been happening though, with politicians, most notably on the left but also some on the right, pushing the idea that the thuggery only comes from the ‘far-right’.

NO, just no, you don’t get to put the criminal antics of the hard left on the rights shoulders, enough is enough, and if people have even the slightest amount of honesty and dignity about them.it is time for those from left to right to call this out for what it is.

Sadiq Khan and the rest of the political class said almost nothing about the thuggery of the BLM group, the pulling down of historic statues, the burning of historic war memorials and the racial prejudice against those who are not black, no let’s say how it is, who are white.

Instead, they continue to push the narrative of far-right infiltration, no, it was your own side, take some responsibility and act accordingly because if you don’t the people of this country will continue to vote against you. 

Isn’t it marvellous how there was a weakened, quite honestly pathetic police force around the period of the BLM protest and yet as soon as regular folk want to do the same, they are out in full-on riot gear, in numbers like I have never seen?

BLM got one thing right, the police are racist, but not against black people, no their special insidious form of racism comes against the very native people of the country, the white man is good to target for the police of the UK because you see, you can’t accuse anybody of being racist against white people, can you?

This will do very little to aid the newly developed race divide in this country, and that is a shame, but until the law treats everybody as equal that divide will only continue to grow.

Start concentrating on actual crimes such as the massive child exploitation of largely white children by predominantly Pakistani men, perhaps then the ‘mysterious far-right’  or the normal people won’t need to protest.

That is all for this one.

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