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Welcome to my little home in cyberspace. A place for me to express my political opinions.

Tired of a political system that is leaning so far left that it makes Karl Marx look far right as well as the ignorance of the politicians and so-called law enforcers selectively ignoring the masses in fear of being labeled racist by the minority privileged, I have decided to take to the internet to express my views and join the battle to regain freedom of speech.

A keen watcher of the massive child abuse and rape scandals going on across the country that is leaving tens of thousands of children abused, raped and even murdered by a majority of Pakistani Muslim males who oftentimes get sentences far more deserving of a petty criminal as opposed to ones that these sick, twisted, evil individuals should be getting,

I believe that we have a political class that adheres to the minority whilst disgracing the majority that reaches so deep into our systems that I often wonder if there are any people in power that are worthy of the trust given by parents today.

Despite the ever-expanding reach of silence that comes in the form of ‘Islamophobia’, ‘hate crime’ and peoples right to offend being forcibly removed from them, it is more important than ever to say NO, enough is enough,

I will not be silenced, I will not be made to feel like a racist for speaking the truth about a religion that holds more weight than any other and I absolutely will not be told not to speak the truth about the ongoing Pakistani Muslim rape gang situation.

I am of a firm belief that all child rapists, regardless of skin colour or religion, should absolutely be held accountable and punished to the utmost extent in which humanity can allow.

So if you agree with that, if like me you will not accept the lies any longer, you will not believe the crap that our MSM likes to selectively advertise whilst simultaneously ignoring the horrific abuse of children by the act of ignorance and limited coverage, then welcome to our fight for freedom.

May we one day get back that which we have lost. The rights to freedom of speech, equality under the law and to openly criticise a religion of barbaric oppression and violence in the same way that any other religion/ideology is allowed to be.

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